Silver In a Depopulated World: How the Silver Price Might Be Affected By The New World Order

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“If I were reincarnated, I would wish to be returned to Earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels” -Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh

A meme which runs through the minds of men and women, just as popular as household celebrities like Brad Pitt and Madonna, maintains that overpopulation and wear on the earth will from here-on-out turn to a wasteland the teeming rain forests and  athirst deserts and render all life on earth at odds with survival itself.

Paul Ehrlich, according to The Guardian, is “the world’s most renowned population analyst.” In an interview with the publication, Ehrlich recently championed a mass reduction in how many humans live on earth. He also then called for the egalitarian society of Communist cultures, saying natural resources should be redistributed from rich to the poor.

The linguistic niche of the environmental movement, in my opinion, is one of the best modern examples of the use of news-speak. The desires of so many of the movements leaders and followers not only come across as reasonable, considering the filth of the modern city in which 90% of men and women on the planet now reside (a trend of the last century in particular), but also oftentimes the environmentalist’s views comes across as humane.

But be not misled by the throes of seductive language, for a phrase can read a million ways. The solutions of many environmentalist leaders, such as Ehrlich, arise from a small-minded school of population analysts, who call repeatedly for “humane” forced sterilization through the manipulation of food and water via the addition of drugs. The 2005 story of a KFC chicken meal poisoning and brain damaging a young Australian girl is one example of such techniques.

Ehrlich descends upon us peasants of the world from the hallowed halls of elite American academia. As a professor of population studies at Stanford University in California and author of the best-selling book Population Bomb in 1968, Ehrlich takes the case for depopulation further than many other subscribers of his line of thinking.

Ehrlich says that the optimum population of Earth, “enough to guarantee the minimal physical ingredients of a decent life to everyone,” was 1.5 to 2 billion people as opposed to the 7 billion alive today. Read More Here

500% Club: Student Debt and Silver Price

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Student loans are an excellent example of how the modern lending system manifests ancient modes of control. In the United States, long before the modern student loan, for the promise of prosperity thousands of individuals came to the New World as indentured servants. Once they arrived in ‘America,’ ‘twas their job to work to pay off their sail across the pond, an endeavor which lasted years and a decision most young men did not make for themselves. Instead, their fathers worked out the terms and signed the legal papers, handing custodianship of son over to ship captain. Sound familiar?

In the last decade, as student loan debt  increased, so too did the price of silver.  Both trends are poised to continue over the medium term. (5 years+)

First up is a chart based on New York Federal Reserve data for household debt. The red line on this chart represents the cumulative growth in the issuance of student loans since 1999. The blue line demonstrates the growth of all other household debt minus student loans. ReadMore

May Day And American Anarchy: What Occupy Wall Street Does Not Know

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Today is May Day, a day known to so many North Americans as a day commemorated by the social democracies of Europe, China, Cuba and the former Soviet Union, but not the United States.  Until the Occupy Wall Street movement burst on scene last Fall, a refrain of a U.S. citizen might have been: “what’s May Day got to do with the United States?”

To be certain, in recent years, the celebrations have swelled as the ruling class agenda to consolidate planetary resources and revolutionize man’s social order into autocratic rule has grown more acute. This year’s May Day is pre-determined to unfold in a manner different from all other May Days, as the Occupy Movement intends to ensure that this “spring is a riot.” Occupy has used the global tradition to further its movement. Unfortunately, the origin of the May Day protests has been supplanted by propaganda, especially in the United States.

“People seem to know about May Day everywhere, except where it began, here in the United States of America,” says Noam Chomsky. “That’s because those in power have done everything they can to erase its real meaning. …Today, there is a renewed awareness, energized by the Occupy movement’s organizing, around May Day, and its relevance for reform and perhaps eventual revolution.”

Unbeknownst to most people, international workers day has for more than a century continually protested, be it explicitly or implicitly, the events which unfolded on Haymarket Square in Chicago, 1886. May Day is now recognized as an official holiday in many countries. And although it is for a communist holiday many people mistake the May Day tradition, in actuality clashes between statists and anarchists in the United States actually gave rise to the tradition.

With many governments, the holiday has not been popular. For example, fascist governments in Portugal, Italy, Germany and Spain abolished the workers holiday. In the United States, press coverage of international workers day and from whence it is truly arisen has for decades remained muzzled. The people of the United States do not have any understanding as to why, on May 1, workers of the world “Unite!”  After all, what else could it possibly be other than the COMINTERN itself commanding its legions of the Evil Empire to fall in line for the eventual revolution against “democracy.”

Surely, there is some truth to this interpretation of the events – that totalitarian forces use the meme to their advantage. However, this is the result of concerted efforts to bastardize the original meaning of the gatherings on May 1 by the establishment in the U.S., for it uncovers the fresh scabs of wounds which take centuries to heel – namely, that the state is not all-powerful and that the U.S. has a staunch history of anti-establishment movements, despite their lack of clout. At the very least, the U.S. government cannot afford to allow its citizenry a memory of this hidden history.  At the end of the nineteenth century, the American working class was maintaining its’ hitherto tradition of worker movements. The movements, as most American movements across the whole continent, were constituted of indeed diverse people. Read More

Bracing For Student Debt Tyranny

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The student debt load in the United States has surpassed $1 trillion dollars and represents one of the surest financial hurdles facing young people in the United States. The debt load for many individuals has reached paralyzing levels, causing thousands to live life in despair and fear. Just four years of mediocre college can land an individual with more than $60,000 in debt. I implore you, however, no matter what your debt burden is, live your life to its fullest. Take deep breaths and look to the sky so that sun’s rays might lick you on your skin and get that melanin flowing. What follows are some financial and personal suggestions to get yourself in a position to minimize risk in terms of your college debt.

The most fundamental part of minimizing the burden of overreaching college debt is knowing what plan fits best for your particular situation. Here are some general suggestions to help you start coping.

First and foremost, buy physical silver. Silver has gained in the last decade + more than 500%. This easily outpaces any student debt interest and would be an effective hedge against the eventual paying off of these debts.

To protect your own assets, each individual who is saddled with considerable student debt should consider opening a bank and investment account outside of your country of residence. You do not need to have large sums in savings outside the country (most of your savings should be in silver), but you need to know what it is like to operate on a global level.

Consider strategically placing the legal title of your assets in another person’s name (like your spouse). Be careful, however, as this could have nasty side effects later.

Do what you are able to create multiple streams of income so as to reduce your dependency in one area

Obtain a secondary passport where possible. Many Canadians and Americans have  rights to second citizenship based on ancestry. Usually, the application can be easily submitted directly to the government for less than $500.

Philosophy of Max Keiser, pt.1: Boycott Coca-Cola

One of the underlying premises of Max Keiser’s boycott activism is that “even those with no money can change the world.” Max understands that movements like the Tea Party & Occupy Wall Street have formed because “corporations run the show” and enslave individuals and pollute the planet, and so on.

The Guardian newspaper, in an item titled “Mad Max”, described Keiser’s Karmabanque hedge fund as a “fantastical scheme” and accused him of trying to exist “beyond the normal forces and controls of society.” I am sure Mr. Keiser does not feel this an actual offense against his character. READ ON!

Reuters Bamboozles Public, Dedicates Hit Piece To Silver

In an article Thursday, entitled silver: poor man’s gold turning to fool’s gold, Reuters warned silver bulls against their own optimism at the metal’s strong first-quarter price rise. The piece reads:

“Its advocates say silver, which occupies a middle ground between industrial metals like copper and investment vehicles like gold, can benefit both from the fledgling economic recovery that is lifting copper and from the investment that is driving gold.” READ ON!

Kodak Bankruptcy Engineered by JP Morgan, Wall Street?

For the investor in silver, the recent Kodak chapter 11 bankruptcy is big news, for Kodak is among the largest consumers of silver. The photography industry is the second largest consumer of silver behind industry, using annually about 50 million ounces of silver. According to Bloomberg, the 131-year-old company consumes about 8.5 million ounces or $300 million worth of silver each year for its manufactured goods and supplies. READ ON!

How To Retire

CNN Money, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal all publish articles soothing their reader, reassuring them that, despite the turbulent course of history, retirement in the modern age is still a possibility—so long as you play by their rules.

Oftentimes, such articles come across to the lackadaisical reader as reasonable, suggesting to folks they simply put x-amount of money away for saving per month. When taken in the context of the rest of mainstream articles—i struggle to call them „ARTicles“—then the intended takehome point is clear. Buy paper, feed the beast!

In one particular recent CNN article, it was stated that just 8% a year starting in one’s early thirties can turn into a seven figure bank account by retirement.

But, as we have bore witness to in guinea pig Greece and the western world over, retirement is becoming something grandpa and grandma had, but not something for the their progeny.

Regardless, there still exist options for fostering retirement, and I’ve hereafter listed some of my recommended techniques for ensuring a comfortable retirement. READ ON!

Rothschild Johnson Matthey Connection

In silver & gold shops across the United States and beyond, a constant refrain of customers is: “do you have any Johnson Matthey?” The customer is referring to the silver products of Johnson Matthey, refiner of precious metals products. The company has been a banner make of gold, silver, platinum and palladium products for decades after having been in business for approx. 150 years. Not only do younger generations seek the luster of Johnson Matthey, but so too do many veteran precious metals holders.

Many of these young and old investors are well-aware of the fraud perpetuated upon them through the grand experiment with purely fiat currencies and public debt. They stand opposed to international, illuminist banks such as JP Morgan and HSBC—amongst others—which, as we all know by now, have pillaged and continue to conquer the people of the world. When seeking Johnson Matthey products, however, these individuals are, in a way, serving their own masters. Read on!

The Silver Liberation Army’s Numismatic Silver Coin: The 1964 JFK Half Dollar

It was November of 1963, and the most popular President perhaps in American History was the well-spoken and slick looking John F. Kennedy. Kennedy’s Presidency was assured by his appearances on the new invention the TELE-vision alongside Dick Nixon, who coulda been worse for the wear, but not by much.

On the 22nd of that month, in Dallas, he was assassinated, brains laid out upon the slippery steel of his automobile and the hard pavement, a shock to the nation, another page in the Books of History. The official story posits Lee Harvey Oswald as the perp, whilst a plethora of antagonistic stories suggest otherwise, such as the mafia conspired in his killing or Cuba or Russia.

My personal flavor is that the international bankers had something to do with the foul play (I guess I’m just trendy), along with their operatives within the United States Government, such as George Herbert Walker Bush who, working at the CIA at the time, though not quite yet director thereof as he soon would be, is quoted in at least two newspaper stories as not remembering where he was when Kennedy was shot.

I’ve known since I was a young boy that everybody in my parents’ and grandparents’ generations, respectively, remembers where they were as Kennedy died.

Plus, there are the photos of George Herbert Walker outside of the book depository during Kennedy’s last cavalcade. So, I gather, one of three things are happening here: a) either George has been an amnesiac since the early sixties or b) George was so traumatized by Kennedy’s death that he has blocked the memory or c) he is lying and has something to hide.

Money’s on C. READ ON!